Club rooms app
for single muslims
living around your area

Not a dating site.

Emphasis is on #socialising based on common #interest, meeting #new-friends and expanding your pool of potential future partners.

How it works:

1. Get Invited:

It is only available to selected single muslims that get invitation to join from one of our Ambassadors.

2. Sign up & interact:

Just download the app and sign up. Then you will have access to different interest based club rooms that you can join.

Its all about people getting together to have fun and laughter.

Can't find a club?

You can create a new one for people to join.


Make new friends

Join different clubs based on your interest or pick up a new interest.

Interest clubs

Its all about people getting together to have fun and laughter. Below are some of the commin interests that clubs are based on:


Club room


Talk room


Club room


Club room


Bits room

Our ethos & rules

Here are some of the rules that guides the intereaction on this mobile app. We are currently adding more and removing some. You can also send us your suggestion.

Asking someout Out

Directly asking someout out on a date is totally forbidden, if you are reported you will be removed and be banned from the app.

Interested in someone?

What about if I like a person?

Talk to the person's ambassador and his/her ambassador would talk to yours. Both of them can then connect both of you online and/or offline.

Why no dating rule?

Many of the people that are on here are at what you can call a "pre-dating" period. A time in their life that is before they start actively looking at dating, courtship or marriage.

Number of people per room

There is minimum 4 people in each room. Interactions and conversations can not begins until there are more than 4 people in a room. And maximum 20 people per room.

Don't preach, don't judge

We want people to be their true selves on this app. So we frown against people trying to correct others or passing judgment on others based on their own belief on whats right or wrong.

What if something is wrong?

What about if some one do or say something wrong or disallowed? There is a way to report them to the app administrator. And we will let you know of any actions or inaction taken from your report.